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Automate Your Web Data Collection Method

Blosm is the most powerful automated web data collection and monitoring platform in the marketplace. Our goal is to be the best at simplifying and streamlining the process of collecting and integrating web data into your business processes and websites. Businesses today have limited time and resources and traditional web data collection methods are time consuming, error prone, and expensive. Blosm is the next generation data collection and content integration platform.

Enrich Product Content

Consumers today demand complete and accurate product information. Blosm provides customers with the high quality, complete content they are seeking. With Blosm you can:
  • Include additional item attributes and product specificat ions
  • Provide customers with user guides
  • Harvest both structured and unstructured data

Drive Sales

A sure way to grow your business is to increase the size and assortment in your online catalog. With Blosm you can:
  • Increase the size of your product offering without adding resources
  • Enhance the quality of your product data and increase conversions
  • Drive more revenue through improved SEO

Monitor Your Competition

The average consumer visits 10.4 internet sources before making a purchase. Those same resources can help you gather and monitor information, track brand reputation data points, and make strategic BI decisions. Blosm can help you:
  • Make strategic pricing and merchandising decisions by monitoring how your competition is pricing and stocking products
  • Adjust product strategy by monitoring new product introductions and social chatter
  • Stay on top of industry trends by collecting product comparisons, pricing, and reviews across multiple channels

Manage Your Brand Reputation

The key to a company’s competitive advantage lies in the reputation of their Brand. In today’s world it’s more critical than ever to monitor, manage, and protect the presentation and positioning of your product and brand. Blosm helps organizations:
  • Protect and manage their brand by exposing discrepancies in product descriptions
  • Uncover unauthorized resellers
  • Manage customer relations by monitoring product scores, expert reviews, and social content

Monitor Social Media

It’s more important than ever to monitor your brand and take a proactive approach to managing your reputation. Brands are being talked about, impressions are being made, and decisions are being influenced in real-time twenty-four hours a day. Blosm helps you:
  • Gain visibility to what’s being said about you through user generated content
  • Monitor and manage product satisfaction issues before they get out of hand
  • Understand customer sentiment over time for trend analysis

Monitor Resellers

Inconsistencies in product pricing, marketing, and brand representation across resellers can damage the reputation of a company’s brand. With Blosm you can:
  • Proactively manage your reseller network to ensure your brand is being properly represented
  • Discover which resellers are representing your brand well and which are not
  • Ensure consistent pricing among resellers

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