"After three weeks of hands on training, our dedicated team of fourteen generated over one hundred recipes that enabled us to increase the number of SKUs from 3,800 to 46,000 in less than two months."

"The Blosm team was great to work with. They provided answers to our questions and addressed any issues that came up."

"The Blosm technology is very powerful and I couldn’t find anything comparable."

Mike Mayer - Crescent Electric Supply East Dubuque, IL www.cesco.com/
"The Blosm product has been a great investment in regards to the expansion of my e-commerce website. My industry is filled with manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes, and many of the smaller outfits cannot provide us with acceptable data for use on our website. Blosm allows us to compile the data we're after directly from our supplier's websites and with some tweaking of the resulting spreadsheets we are able to format it for bulk upload. What we are able to accomplish with Blosm in just a few hours would takes weeks to add one by one like we used to."
Chris Carey - Modern Automotive Performance Minneapolis, MN www.maperformance.com/

"We tried manually gathering and entering the data, we tried scraping programs, and we even tried off-shore third party companies. Before Blosm, our best approach was scraping data with a crawler and then manually entering the data. We had five full-time people and combined, they only averaged about 200 SKUs a day at their peak. I wanted another way. I knew there had to be a better method so I did my research and laid out all of my options and did my due diligence. With Blosm we’ve been able to gather content for roughly 20,000 SKUs in three weeks, while cutting our staff down to one person."

"I don’t know how else to say it, other than, I was blown away with the quantity and quality of the data that Blosm returned."

"Our conversion rates have definitely gone up, and it is a good assumption that improved content has had a lot to do with that."

Jeff Minor - Goedeker's Ballwin, MO www.goedekers.com/

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