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Automate the process of gathering and combining product data from multiple resources.

Enrich Product Content

Monitor Your Competition

Drive Sales

Enrich Product Content

Today’s consumer expects complete and accurate information about the products they are buying. If all you have is a brief description, an image, and a price chances are great that visitors to your site will go elsewhere to find more information. Now there’s a way to not only automate the process of collecting product data from multiple resources, but also blend the information into your existing catalog without manual intervention.

No more time consuming manual work adding product data.

With an automated process you can:
  • Get user guides and product descriptions that have already been written
  • Get detailed Product Specification Tables
  • Get high resolution manufacturer images
  • Get video reviews and relevant social content
  • Drive more revenue through natural search results and improved SEO
  • Keep up with the volume and rate of changes to online content

Monitor Your Competition

There is a wealth of competitive intelligence through expert reviews, product scores, and user generated content, however it’s not practical to manually research, collect, and compile constantly changing information. Businesses are constrained by budgets, timelines, and lack the resources to monitor the frequency and volume associated with information being generated across potentially hundreds of sources of content.

Get a pulse on your market.

Automate the process of collecting product intelligence:
  • Find out how top competitors are pricing and stocking products.
  • Eliminate the manual effort associated with researching multiple websites to stay on top of your competition’s activities.
  • Monitor your competitors and resellers product development, social media trends, website merchandising to see where they’re excelling and adapt it.
  • Automate the process of gathering and combining product data from multiple internet resources.

Drive sales

A sure way to grow your business is to offer the right product selection and support it with relevant content that will satisfy the consumers need for information. But manually adding product data is time consuming and potentially cost prohibitive. Blosm can automate the process of collecting product data from multiple resources and make the most of the relationships you have with your manufacturers. You can add thousands of new products without human intervention and in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Get To The Next Level.

Automate the process of collecting product intelligence:
  • Increase conversions by providing consumers with the information they need to make a purchase decision.
  • Make one time buyers into multi-buyers by offering a broader product assortment.
  • Improve your online merchandising and navigation experience with meaningful product information and rich media.
  • Scale your catalog and increase the size of your product offering without adding more resources.
  • Become the authority site on the products you sell.

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