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What is Blosm?

Blosm’s technology automates the process of gathering big data from a variety of resources and enables businesses to integrate Big Data into their business processes such as competitive intelligence, onboarding new products, and improving data integrity. Data can curate data from sources such as websites, data aggregators, internal databases, web services, and social platforms. Blosm’s advanced technology, sets itself apart from the competition by taking automation a step further by cleansing the data during the compilation process, which reduces the need for manual intervention. Blosm provides businesses with a cost effective and efficient method of harvesting, consolidating, and organizing large amounts of data. Data gathered by Blosm can be easily integrated into one or more of a company’s data repositories.

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What do you mean by “Gathering” Data?

Our Blosm technology helps companies gather both structured and unstructured data and integrate the content into their business. The content that is harvested can facilitate improvements in several different ways:
  • Product Content – it’s critical to have complete and accurate product information for your visitors. Blosm automates the process by which you collect product data from manufacturers and other available resources. Blosm improves data integrity.
  • Grow Your Online Catalog – Blosm can help you onboard a brand new product line or increase the size of your existing product offering in a fraction of the time it takes to add new items manually.
  • Monitor your Competition – Blosm helps you monitor multiple data points and stay in tune with the competitive landscape. With Blosm you can monitor everything from pricing to product development trends and make sense out of social chatter.
  • Brand Reputation Management – People are talking about brands 24/7. Find out what your customers or prospects are saying about your company. We’ll help you identify the right resources to monitor and Blosm does the heavy lifting.
  • Monitor Resellers – Protect your brand and profit margins by keeping track of how your resellers are representing your brand. Uncover discrepancies and expose unauthorized resellers.

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What business problems does Blosm solve?

Blosm makes gathering and organizing data cost effective and efficient. The ability to access and collect information without manual intervention makes the data available for four key areas of business.
  1. Enrich, manage, and grow current product data – existing product information can be improved with additional attributes and new products can be quickly added to an online catalog.
  2. Protect and manage brand reputation – exposing product data across the internet enables businesses to expose pricing discrepancies, unauthorized resellers, and gain insight into social media buzz.
  3. Monitor your competitors – automating the process of collecting key pieces of competitive intelligence uncovers industry trends and potential threats and can be used to make strategic BI decisions.
  4. Improve Search Engine Optimization – gathering structured data on all products increases the overall relevancy and authority of a website and increases visibility for natural search.

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What kind of data can Blosm collect?

Blosm’s technology taps into both structured and unstructured data. If it can be stored in a database or accessed on a website, chances are it can be collected. Some of the most common types of data gathered are:
  • Product attributes
  • Product prices
  • Detailed product specification tables
  • Rich media, including videos and multiple images
  • Product instructions
  • User guides

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What makes Blosm the best solution for collecting data?

Blosm can be configured for multiple use cases and is designed to solve a variety of business challenges such as onboarding new products, improving data integrity and can also be used for migrating content or competitive intelligence. It’s a flexible solution that can streamline processes in multiple industries such as Online Retail, Online Publishing, and Financial Services. Blosm is an open technology that can access data from any source and isn’t limited to specific fields or reliant on getting data from a predefined group of participating manufacturers. Blosm does more than just automate the collection of data; its patented technology also addresses the challenges associated with compiling, cleansing, and making the data useful

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What separates Blosm from other solutions?

Traditional data collection methods usually include third party solutions and automated screen scrapers or web crawlers. Blosm’s technology extracts web data in a way that scrapers and scripts can’t handle. Blosm Is Different:
  • True Automation – Blosm returns results much faster than a human and can collect both structured and unstructured data.
  • Usability – Blosm delivers results in an easy to consume interface that reduces the effort associated with reviewing the data. The results can be seamlessly integrated into your website or other data repository.
  • Precision – Because you write the recipe and tell the software exactly what you want and where to find the results, the data is more accurate and precise than tradition data collection methods can deliver.

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What industries would benefit from implementing Blosm?

Industry Solutions
B2C and B2B Online Retailers Product Onboarding Data Enhancement Competitive Intelligence Content Migration
Manufacturers Brand Intelligence Content Migration
Online Publishers Content Harvesting Content Migration
Content Owners Reputation Management Fraud Discovery Content Migration
Financial Services Companies Data Collection Content Curation Content Migration
General Corporations Build Lead Generation Database Data Collection Content Curation Content Migration

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Can Blosm help companies that are already using a data collection platform?

Many companies are already using some sort of data aggregation process. They may be part of a network in which there is a provider to acquire and standardize data. These services to improve efficiencies and the quality of data, but they have limitations.
  • The data pool is incomplete; it’s limited to an established number of participating vendors.
  • Volatile data such as competitive intelligence and social is missing.
  • Merging the information with other data sets is cumbersome.
  • Blosm bridges the gap and enables companies using a data collection platform to automate the process of collecting data on all of their products.

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How does Blosm work?

Blosm's approach is to take advantage of the vast number of sources that exist out on the web or within organizations. These sources are tapped and Blosm pulls out only what it is configured to gather. This flexibility allows for straightforward configuration. Step1: To help define the sources that exist, the first step in our process is to build a profile. Model numbers or UPCs are all that's needed to get started. With this profile, Blosm identifies potential sources through its Researcher feature. Step 2: Recipes hold the instructions needed to determine where to gather and what values to collect. After two days of training, Blosm users can easily configure these Recipes to satisfy the business requirements. The Recipes are meant for reuse, so easy maintenance is performed through the Blosm application. Step 3: Blosm automates this by compiling and organizing the content based of the business requirements. Content comparisons, merging product information, and enriching existing product content are examples of what can be configured during this step. Step 4:The ultimate goal is putting Blosm content to use. Exported spreadsheets, APIs, and our Blosm Landscape feature allow full access to Blosm content. Customizations are possible to make sure the exported data is formatted to meet the needs of the destination system. Typical systems that pull in Blosm content are Product Content Management (PCM) systems, Business Intelligence (BI) apps, or eCommerce systems.

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How does Blosm strengthen brand management?

Blosm exposes potential weaknesses that have the potential to damage the reputation of a brand. Visibility to discrepancies in product and pricing makes it easier to ensure the brand is being managed correctly. Insight into social chatter and product scores provides businesses the information they need to proactively manage their brand based on perception.

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