Blosm Announces Major Upgrades to their Data Collection Platform

New York, NY. June 4, 2016 – Blosm, a leading provider of product data management solutions announced a major upgrade for their data collection platform.  They have upgraded the solution to include the ability to gather competitive intelligence, making it the most powerful data collection solution in the marketplace.

Blosm specializes in helping retailers unlock the power of content to optimize the online customer experience through automated data collection, product management, and robust site search solutions. The competitive intelligence upgrade will debut at IRCE 2013 and participants will see first-hand how this technology will change the way companies collect information and monitor the competitive landscape.

“This amazing upgrade to the data collection technology platform makes Blosm not only the best way to automate the collection of information needed to improve data integrity or to increase the size of an online catalog, but the best way to monitor competitors and resellers to gain a competitive advantage,” said Carl Eklof, President and CTO.

Businesses can now automatically gather product intelligence from multiple sources and review the data in a user friendly interface that makes it easy to gather competitive information, track brand reputation data points, and make strategic BI decisions. Specifically, Blosm looks at:

  • Product Comparison
  • Catalog Coverage
  • SEO and Classification Strategies

We’re thrilled with the upgrade and feel that the possibilities are unlimited,” expressed Carl Eklof, President and CTO, “because we know that this is going to be an unrivaled solution for online retailers. Competitive intelligence collected with Blosm will really equip them to make solid strategic decisions around things like pricing, product presentation, and SEO classification.”

Businesses are constrained by budgets and the lack of resources to adequately monitor their competitors. Blosm automates the process of data collection and reduces the need for manual intervention. It provides a method for collecting product intelligence from multiple sources and presents the information in a format that helps businesses make the most of the information.

Some of the immediate benefits are:

  • Discover how top competitors are pricing and stocking products
  • Eliminate the manual effort associated with researching multiple websites to stay on top of industry trends
  • Automate the process of collecting and combining product data from multiple internet resources
  • Monitor competitors to see what they’re doing right (and wrong) in:
    • Product development
    • Social Media Trends
    • Website Merchandising

About Blosm

Blosm is an enterprise technology company delivering cutting edge solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of data.  Blosm, is the next generation data collection platform and automates the process of gathering relevant product information across a variety of resources. Blosm is privately held. For more information, visit

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